Change Healthcare Launches COVID-19 Analytics Service to Help Providers Track Spread of Virus with De-identified Real-Time Data

Actionable insight “beyond the diagnosis” enables health researchers to better understand COVID-19 progression, intervention effectiveness, and impacts on healthcare system

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 13, 2020-- Today Change Healthcare (Nasdaq: CHNG) introduced Market Insights: COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets, an online COVID-19 research environment for qualified public and private healthcare organizations. The environment combines leading data science tools with comprehensive, timely, and statistically significant de-identified claims data, enabling researchers to move beyond test and diagnosis counts into real understanding of disease progression, intervention effectiveness, and impacts upon the healthcare system.

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The remediation of COVID-19 has been hampered by limited data. Researchers need more than daily counts of diagnoses and tests to truly understand the disease. Given the complexity of COVID-19, analyses require comprehensive, timely, and statistically meaningful data. Most COVID-19 data are limited to static reports on the number of new cases, overall cases, deaths and geographical impact. While useful in preparing for resource allocation, it provides no insight into the disease progression and the efficacy of interventions––the type of data the medical community needs to take action.

Change Healthcare processes billions of U.S. medical and pharmacy claims every year, now including those related to COVID-19. Claims provide a more comprehensive view beyond the test or diagnosis, including other diagnoses, past care, and social determinants of health. Additionally, claims are coded by medical professionals without relying on self-reported patient data. Market Insights: COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets isolates claims into three unique data sets, all of which are de-identified and contractually permissioned: claims with explicit COVID-19 test and diagnosis codes; claims with codes identified in the February CDC interim billing guidelines; and claims with respiratory management diagnosis codes. These datasets are comprehensive, timely, and statistically meaningful for a variety of research initiatives.

“COVID researchers need more comprehensive and timely data in an environment where advanced data science can be responsibly performed,” said Tim Suther, senior vice president of Data Solutions at Change Healthcare. “These data sets enable robust analysis by the country’s leading medical data scientists to understand actual disease progression, the effectiveness of various interventions, and impacts to the healthcare system overall.”

Qualified researchers can apply to receive Market Insights: COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets from Change Healthcare, the COVID-19 Research Database, and AWS Data Exchange.

For more details, including subscription information on Market Insights: COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets, visit the Market Insights resource page.

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